Contemporary Couple


Contemporary Couple

by Brad Morton

Artist Statement

“Contemporary Couple” is fabricated from stainless steel, plate bronze and cast bronze. While there is no obvious reference to the figure other than verticality, there is a relationship established between the pieces though posture and stance. I often see these relationships as body language, hence the reference to the figures in the title of the piece..

Artist Bio

Brad Morton studied Industrial Design at Auburn University from 1969 through 1972 before declaring his Art major and subsequently earning his BA from The University of Alabama at Birmingham. He earned his MFA in sculpture from the University of Georgia in 1981. Morton’s preferred materials are bronze, cor-ten steel and stainless steel, and his approach to his work is rooted in the idea of “truth to the materials”. Some of his cast bronze pieces tend to be organic, natural forms, while others are models for fabricated pieces that utilize smooth lines, flat planes, and hard edges to convey the contemporary minimalism of the man-made world. He has work in public and private collections throughout the country, and his work is currently on exhibit in Alabama and New Mexico.

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