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Carolyn Dodson-Grimm   - Carolyn Dodson-Grimm is a painter fond of abstraction. Although she has training in traditional art and portraiture, Carolyn enjoys the freedom of abstraction. She is inspired by what she sees in the real world, but infuses her work with a creativity and energy that give the image new life. Some of her paintings look like landscapes- sandy deserts and rusty mesas interrupted with bursts of vibrant color . Other paintings resemble wild bouquets, full of energetic brushstrokes that seem unsure whether they want to dance or battle. By mixing the outer world of experience with the inner world of the artist, Carolyn creates paintings that feel like half-remembered dreams, at once familiar and exotic. Her work impels an emotional response that urges us to look more closely, and decipher the mystery in the heart of her work.Come by Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment to meet Carolyn and her work. You can find them both in her third floor studio, #326. Website

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