The Nutcracker Toys

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the nutcracker toys

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Ella-Lisa Waddell   - Ella Waddell is a student attending Bob Jones High School. Inspired by the life and the works Edgar Degas, she developed a passion for the arts from a young age. She has received numerous awards for her drawings and watercolors. In addition to being a visual artist, Ella is also an actress and singer. She plans on pursuing a career in concept art and animation. Ella and Lisa Waddell have teamed up to create a different take on The Nutcracker showing the story through toys on a child's shelf. Lisa Waddell is a PP&C Analyst with Jacobs Technology. She rediscovered her joy of art as a student at Georgia Tech. Her preferred mediums are etchings and watercolors. She particularly likes the style of Andrew Wyeth. She has been commissioned for various projects from murals to paintings. Her artwork has been displayed in galleries in Tennessee and Georgia. She resides in Madison with her husband and four daughters.

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